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Hot Water Baseboard Heater Covers

hot water baseboard heater covers

    baseboard heater
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    hot water
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Little Mi (Hot water bottle and doll set)

Little Mi (Hot water bottle and doll set)

Soon it is summer and no one will need hot water bottles, so I will bring some new ideas into my shop. But before that I added two Little Mi?s to my items

Made on a very rainy day, this little Mi made me smile. Usually I do not like yellow very much - but this one looks so sunny that it will make everyone just happy. The little doll smells like a French lavender field and is soft and warm.

On a rainy day as the one today, the best place is your own bed - and the very best then is to have such a little friend with you as a joyful company...

I hope this little sunshine will find soon a new family (link to my Etsy shop from my profile)

Little Mi hot-water bottle and doll set

Little Mi hot-water bottle and doll set

Little Mi hot-water bottle and doll set for my shop.

Each of the sets has its own design. And each of the little girls turns out in her own special way.

Not only children love to have something to play with when they are sick in bad, having a hot-water bottle against a bad stomach. And Little Mi is a true little friend, cheering you up and bringing you warmth and a smile

hot water baseboard heater covers

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