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Shop Heaters Wood

shop heaters wood

  • A conductor used for indirect heating of the cathode of a thermionic tube

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Sangdui - Eatery

Sangdui - Eatery

Chinese lady who with her husband runs a little eatery at this cowboy town of Sangdui. It's a dusty place that seems to exist only because it is at a junction of throughways, and along that one major road, the shops are few and closed to each other, but there isn't much friendly cheer. Hardly a vehicle goes by, it seems like it usually is like that. People who come in to eat seem to be on their way to somewhere else, or people who work in the area, like farmers and traders.

We were here for a few days, eating their hot food, simple but fulfilling. Out in the middle of nowhere, we weren't picky at all. But Michelle was terrified by pigs, who were gorging themselves hungrily at the warm stools she passed, outside in the plots of unused land among other run-down buildings, behind the main road. There were no toilets.

We waited everyday for people to come in to the eatery, to see if there was transport leaving Sangdui for Xiangcheng. It was the New Year, and there were no public buses commuting. Thus we formed a friendship with the owners, who treated us with warmth, the real caring warmth. Told us stories about how they have struggled, to put their kids in school, to find work for them, because it takes money to make things happen there. Hard life, of striving and striving, working and saving, just working and working. What tomorrow do you look forward to, except that your children will be happy and well, and that things are better than yesterday, and don't get worse?

We slept in a room at the local school. We just wandered around talking to people, good we didn't have to sleep in the open. School was out, winter, and it was cold. Cold!

The walls of the eatery, plastered with newspaper. The area where the stove is, a wood fire stove i think, blackened with soot. The sight of steam and knowing that hot water is available, a great, great comfort to the mind. People, Tibetans, would just come in and share this wood burning heater-stove. The owners never did ask anyone to leave, even though most weren't customers. It was tolerated. And one night, youngsters too, they were going to a party. Here, out in nowhere, life goes on, finding and creating its own community for amusement, some people were running a village discotheque kind of a thing. I could sense the excitement amongst the young people who came in to warm their hands, that happy and eager youthfulness. And we, passing observers, witnesses to how life everywhere must be going on, no matter how far-flung you are, or how cold it is outside.

Wimborne Radio Shop - Wimborne Model Town (1950's)

Wimborne Radio Shop - Wimborne Model Town (1950's)

The idea to create a model town was first back in the 1940s. A small group of local residents took photos of all Wimbournes buildings and made detailed plans. The models were then made to a 1/10th scale and building started in the late 1940's. The model village finally opened 1951 and showed the building cast in concrete panels, with most of the window frames being made of Beech wood.

In the following years ownership of the Model Town changed several times, until eventually the site was purchased by a property developer. Boo Hiss. The models very soon fell into disrepair and were targetted by vandals. In the mid 1980s, a small group of residents decided to save the Model Town from the Bulldozer and after much persuasion was given the buildings by the developer. The model town was opened again to the public in 1991 after a new site was found and the models were rebuilt and restored.

shop heaters wood

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